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ISO 10110 & Material Cheat Sheet

The ISO 10110 & Material Cheat Sheet is a two-sided reference guide to assist optical designers in specifying their optical drawings. The ISO 10110 Cheat Sheet explains the various ISO 10110 Codes and provides examples of how to specify these codes on an optical drawing. The Material Cheat Sheet provides charts on refractive index and dispersion, homogeneity, striae, and stress birefringence for Schott & Ohara optical glass and Corning Fused Silica. 

ISO 10110 & Material Cheat Sheet

Zemax Cost Estimator User Guide

The Zemax Cost Estimator User Guide explains what our cost estimator will and will not provide a quote for along with the quick start guide on how to use LaCroix Precision Optics as your provider in OpticStudio. There are several topics addressed in this guide such as the general overview of the LaCroix Estimator, boundary conditions, material library, coating library, error codes, and troubleshooting/FAQs.  

Zemax Cost Estimator  User Guide

Optical Manufacturing Tolerance Chart

This chart will explain our spherical and aspherical tolerance limits.  This chart also provides materials we use, diameter range, coatings, lead time, core competencies, ideal quantities, and our top 10 Asphere design tips.  This chart can be beneficial to our customers and potential new customers to know what our manufacturing limits are when specifying their optical components.

Inspection Data Reference Guide

This inspection data reference guide goes into detail on what inspection data is and what all options LaCroix Precision Optics offers. We include our tolerance chart, first article inspection, coating, inspection data, material certifications, certificate of conformance, and ROHS certification in this guide. This will help customers know what we offer in order to verify their optics were made to specification.

Click here to Download Inspection Guide

MIL-PRF-13830B Specifications

Click the "Download MIL-PRF-13830B Specifications" button below to instantly download the MIL-PRF-13830B Specifications we use to meet the Military Performance Specifications.

Download MIL-PRF-13830B Specifications

Corning Fused Silica Product Information

Click the button below to access this optical materials product information document for Corning HPFS 7979, 7980, and 8655 Fused Silica glasses. Included in this document is the HPFS summary of key attributes, quality grade selection chart, HPFS data and properties, mechanical and thermal properties, and the mirror quality grade selection chart. The internal transmittance and refractive index and dispersion are also included for HPFS 7979, 7980, and 8655 Fused Silica glasses.

Corning HPFS 7979, 7980, 8655 Fused Silica Optical Materials Product Information Specialty Material Divison